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The Amazing One of a Kind
& Command!

By Kushinator

HTML Command Characters:

      The & command, you ask? Yes, the & (ampersand) command. There are a couple of characters that HTML uses specifically in it's commands. Every command begins with a < sign and ends with a > sign. These are reserved for HTML. To avoid confusion and still allow you to present these characters, the & command was created. Just as your browser reads between the < and > signs of each command, it also reads between the & and ; sign. Here are some examples.

CharacterHTML Code

Special Characters:

       The & command allows you to make the characters reserved by HTML and it also allows you to make all kinds of special characters that are not found on your keyboard. Here are some examples. I know you will want to write these down.

CharacterHTML Code

Here are some which may or may not work, depending on your browser.

CharacterHTML Code