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Second Method, <TABLE>:

      As you guessed it, the second method uses the <TABLE> statement. The second half of this page was formatted using this method. The idea is to create a table around your whole page and then center it. The HTML code looks like this:

      <BODY BACKGROUND="edge.gif">
      <CENTER><TABLE WIDTH="650"><TR><TD>

      "This is where the contents of your page go."


       If you are unfamiliar with the <TABLE> tag, please review the Table Tutorial. Notice the use of <CENTER> and </CENTER> to center the entire table. Also, notice the use of the WIDTH attribute. The width was set to a fixed value of 650. Why you ask? I'm glad you asked that question! For some viewers on the Internet, 800 by 600 pixels is their maximum resolution. For others it might be much greater depending upon their monitors. Setting the WIDTH="650" ensures that the left border will not be covered with text no matter what screen setting (800 by 600, 1024 by 768 or 1240 by 1024 pixels)

       Another variation of this is to set the WIDTH equal to a fixed percentage of the browser window width. This works very well with higher level browsers such as Netscape and MS Internet Explorer. <TABLE WIDTH="80%"> would work good for this page and many others. You might have to play with the number a little to fine tune it.


That's all there is to it. Now just FTP transfer (or HTTP is your service provides it) your edge file and your HTML page file over to your home page directory and your done.