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Kushinator's Guide - Pay Per Click
Cash for each click on a banner.

Place a banner on your web site to another.. each click earns money.

Cyber-LottoThese people pay 10 cents a click through the Microsoft Clicktrade. This is how I got my first check!.

 Find the queen and win ......
This banner was supplied by SAFE Audit

Whispa.This company works through Safe-Audit and pays 17 cents a click. I like it.

Free 20MB at FortuneCity. Click here
This banner was supplied by SAFE Audit

FortuneCity.This company runs a somewhat different concept. They pay you $2.00 per confirmed registration to their website. I've been using this for around 4 months now and receive a check every month. Use this on a specialized HTML or Internet site if you have one. (You can also make one through this banner if you choose :) )

Austin Coffee Shops

Good luck with these companies. If you have questions about anything I'll be happy to help. I check email daily. Remember the two that I have received checks through for Clicks have been and