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Money for each sale on a companys site.

Place a banner on your web site to another.. each sale on the other site from your site you get commission.

Amazon.They Pay 10/20% on each sale. Sell just about everything!


CDnow.These people pay about 10% on each sale. As you may guess, they sell CDs.

GoToWorld.These pay you $.40 per hour for being online. Although this is not as much as you can make with AllAdvantage, I recommend this over that one because there is a much smaller banner and you can move it around wherever you please. Also, as soon as you sign up you can start making money. AllAdvantage usually takes a week or so (they notify you by email when you can download). **Important** In the Gotoworld Browser, simply RIGHT-CLICK the dollar sign in the upper right hand corner to show the banner only. It's very convenient.