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Kushinator's Personal Guide to
Making Money Online

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          Welcome to Kushinator's Personal Guide to Making Money Online. I am here to show you how to make money online. If your thinking, "Hey, I know 1000 more ways to make money online.. I'm giving you the BEST, and the BEST of the Best, (what I mean is all of these ways on the page actually Do work, I have recived a check from each or one of my assosciates has received a check from each).

          When I tell you about making money for just being online... I bet your thinking its all a huge scam. I considered this. But during this past summer I received my first check, for $53.27 through the Microsoft Click Trade network. Receiving your first check will be one of the most motivating and satisfying things you will encounter from your online experience.

          Why did I create a page like this? First off it's a general way for me to try to make some spare cash off the net, but also I am trying to publicize the MANY uses of the Net. Our world could be run so much more efficiently if more of it was conducted online. Making money online is just one of the vast new realms developing today.