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Let me be frank with you.

When I first started building web pages, I put them up simply because I liked having a presence on the web. I enjoyed reaching out to people, getting input, and sending back responses. Dont get me wrong; I still enjoy having my presence on the web, but I also like making a little bit of spending money in the process...

There are two, relatively simple ways of making money online.

1st way:
        Host banners on your pages. By hosting banners on your pages you can send some traffic from your site, to another site, and you get paid for it. It's a lovely little process.
There are two ways to do this. 1)Pay per click 2)Pay per sale or registration.
I use both ways. It depends on the type of page that I am hosting banners on. For example, on my HTML Tutorials page, every time someone clicks on one of my banners and signs up with, I get $2. It's pretty nice. On some of my other sites (such as my star wars, gambling, music, racing site) I host pay per click banners. There are two services that I use that send their checks to me on time. These are:
Microsoft Revenue Avenue
I recommend you look into both of them if you want to host banners.

The 2nd way, which i think is better, faster, and easier to get money:

Get paid to surf the internet, with GoToWorld. You get $.40 an hour to surf the web, which is great considering you only see a small banner. Anybody can do it. Just remember to launch this small program when you sign online. SIGN UP WITH

In addition to you receiving money from surfing, any friends that you sign up with the program earn you money when they are online, and they people that your friends sign up earn you money, and if those people sign people up you earn money when they're online. It's absolutely fantastic. Sign up by clicking the image below, and I will help you get people signed up because both of us receive money when you sign people up. I'll help you get referrals! Just sign up with GoToWorld by using my ID# (1022811084) and I'll help you get people making money for you. Good luck!

Email me if you have questions and you're serious about making money. I can help you personally through aol instant messenger or ICQ. Just email me