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There are THREE excellent online internet companies that pay you to be online that are currently in full swing. These are AllAdvantage and Spedia and Valuepay. The links are below. Sign up process is quick. If you do anything at all, sign up for AllAdvantage; it is by far the best. Remember to email me and tell me when you sign up so I can give you some hints and tricks.

AllAdvantage.Pay you just being Online! $.50 Per Hour, easy money. This is the best program that I use. The referall program and online calculations are the best on the net, and the validated pay is highest too. Plus now, you can sign up and immediately start earning money. This is strongly recommended, the longest established, and most prostigious. You are atually earning money within minutes from signing up.

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ValuePay.This is a newer site that pays you to be online. It is in the process of beta testing it's browser, Piggy. This is tremenedous; get paid up to $1 per hour to surf while you're online! I recommend you sign up for it before it gets too crowded and while its still easy to get referrals.I honestly believe that this site will lead the way in paying people to surf online. It's still far behind AllAdvantage, but this company looks like its top of the line.When you sign up, at the very bottom of the page click the refugee box (even if you're not with another paid to surf program) If you do, the benefits are greater and you can earn even more money!If you do sign up for this, make sure you are a member with AllAdvantage so that you can be earning money while you are waiting for Piggy to become available for you to download.

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SpEdIaSpedia is great. It's 2nd to AllAdvantage; Valuepay is right below Spedia. Spedia pays $.50 per hour you are online. This is not as popular as AllAdvantage because it has not been around as long, but it pays just as well! If you already have AllAdvantage , this is a nice supplement for extra money.

**These are the only 3 places that pay online that I recommend you signing up for. The others I suspect are scams, or not far along in developement to sign up for, but I have received a check from both AllAdvantage and Spedia. The AllAdvantage checks are by far worth more :) If you need help at all, please, by all means, email me.