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There are only TWO online internet companies that pay you to be online that are currently in full swing. These are GoToWorld and AllAdvantage. There is another one that looks very promising that is nearly completed, called ValuePay. The links are below. Sign up process is fairly quick.

GoToWorld.These pay you $.40 per hour for being online. Although this is not as much as you can make with AllAdvantage, I recommend this over that one because there is a much smaller banner and you can move it around wherever you please. Also, as soon as you sign up you can start making money. AllAdvantage usually takes a week or so (they notify you by email when you can download). **Important** In the Gotoworld Browser, simply RIGHT-CLICK the dollar sign in the upper right hand corner to show the banner only. It's very convenient.

AllAdvantage.Pay you just being Online! $.50 Per Hour, easy money, however it usually takes a week, and there is a fixed banner and some annoying stuff at the bottom. Nonetheless, still 50 cents an hour.

This is a newer site that pays you to be online. It is in the final stages of creating it's browser, Piggy. I recommend you sign up for it before it gets too crowded and while you can still get referals.

**These are the only 3 places that pay online that I recommend you signing up for. The others I suspect are scams, but I have received a check from both GoToWorld and AllAdvantage. If you need help at all, please, by all means, email me.